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The need for Islamic Websites is not only to answer their local Muslim community members about events and seminars but also to provide answers to the whole Word from muslim scholars all over the world.  A Solution to Make Your Members  Efforts To Be The Most Productive.

Here is what we will provide.

1) A website based on the Joomla Open Source CMS systems.

2) We will provide Monthly Support to post events and content on the website.

For example: you can send us an article or upload a article yourself.
Send us a question, or ask for a solution for specific needs.

We have step by step guaids to show how to do most day to day updates.
No web expertise required - if you can point and click and send an email you can Add / Edit / Delete a web page.

Yes, its really that simple, using only your web browser. No other software needed.

The Goal Here to create a community of islamic websites that have the same platform so that volunteers, scholars, administrators, community members each have access to the things that will make things easier for them to manage and support their organization.

3) We will provide you with monthly keyword research to show you the pulse of Islamic Conversation on the Word Wide Web.

This is crucial if you want to maintain a conversation with the users on the web that are searching and seeking to gain knowledge and the pleasure of Allah.

4) We will also provide you with Statistics and Other Relevant Information needed to make an educated decision to move your organization forward.

How Much Does Webdesign Cost?

This question is rather too general! It is practically impossible to have one price for all web sites. However, we have several price ranges that will help you determine approximate web design cost for your web site.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for exact quote, you might be pleasantly surprised with our offer for your web site project. Email us at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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